CLINITEK ATLAS (Carousel) Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Analyzer complete and in working condition.

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Manufactures:               Siemens

Method:                        Reflectance photometry

Trays:                                      Circular sample tray

Tray Capacity:               50 samples (can be used as 40 = position tray dedicated spaces for calibrators, controls, STATs)

Maximum Tests

On-board:                     490

Sample Volume:           Any volume from 2 mL to maximum fill of tube

Tests Measured

by Dry Pad:                  Leukocytes, Ketones, Protein, Glucose, Nitrite, Occult Blood, Urobilinogen, pH, Bilirubin, Color, Creatinine, Protein-Low

Tests by Physical

Determinations:             Specific Gravity by refractive index method; clarity by measurement of transmitted and scattered light

Dry Pad Test

Measurements:             Color change measured by reflectance photometry. Dual readings at reactive and reference wavelength

Throughput:                  1 sample every 16 seconds


The CLINITEK Atlas® Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated, benchtop instrument designed for high-volume urine testing, using Siemens' proven technology in dry-pad urine chemistry analysis.