Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Hematology Analyzer

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The Cell-Dyne 1800 is a quick and accurate system that allows convenient access to patient results through its advanced onboard data management system. With an aspiration volume of only μL, this small system can fit under any standard physicians office laboratory cabinet. The Cell-dyn 1800 Hematology Analzyers can handle up to 10,000 samples with the expanded data management system. It incorporates a 3-part differential and 18 parameter blood count. An optional bar code ready may be use to eliminate transcription data entry errors. Data may be out put to both ink jet and dot-matrix printers. The Cell-Dyn 1800 uses only 3 reagents including cyanide-free differential lyse that reduces bio-hazards and reduces safety risks. The key benefits of the Cell-Dyn 1800 include:

  • Simple Operation
  • Accurate 3-part differential analysis
  • Reliability all in a single bench-top unit

The CELL-DYN® 1800 Hematology Analyzer is the latest 3-part differential analyzer based on the proven technology used since the founding of the CELL-DYN line. Offering 16 parameters and extensive QC and data management capabilities, the CELL-DYN 1800 meets the needs to today's growing labs. The CELL-DYN 1800 is smaller than its predecessors and fits in standard physicians laboratories. The system utilizes impedance resistance to measure human cells while incorporating the patented von Behrens plate to reduce coincidence counts from each sample.

CELL-DYN 1800 Hematology Analyzer System Features

  • Uses only three reagents, including CN-Free lyse that are individually packaged and monitored to eliminate waste and improve operator safety
  • Only 30 μL aspiration volume
  • Compact benchtop analyzer with integrated data station does not require a PC or desktop computer
  • Levy-Jennings, Westgard Rules and XB QC management system
  • Available as an open sampling system with throughput of up to 60 samples per hour
  • Optional bar code reader eliminates transcription and data entry errors
  • Full data management with data storage for 10,000 cycles with intuitive software and graphics allows for easy assessment of patient results