CA-500/530/540/550/560 Sysmex coagulation analyzers

The Sysmex® CA-560 System allows the small-volume lab, running approximately 50 samples per hour, the convenience to perform all of its coagulation assays on one analyzer

More details

. The Sysmex® CA-560 System has the capability of testing the D-dimer assay on our smallest fully-automated analyzer.

Absolute Efficiency:

  • Touch screen
  • Simple to use
  • Built-in printer
  • Small bench-top analyzer

Test Menu:

  • Routine reagents
  • D-dimer


  • Simple touch screen interface coupled with bi-directional LIS communication.
  • Removable reagent trays
  • Display of sample rack number

Labor/Cost Savings:

  • Barcode reader provides positive sample identification
  • Software checks to detect antigen excess for immunoassays
  • Auto-calibration of the clotting LEDs for precise of derived fibrinogen
  • Warning messages for expired reagents