AVL-omni Blood Gas Analyzer

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The AVL Omni Series comprises nine unique models of blood gas analyzers with different configurations, designed for any high-volume critical care use. It is easy to find an ideal AVL Omni analyzer that suits your needs. Block Scientific is pleased to offer an impressive product line from AVL. 
On the AVL Omni Series, the parameters that can be measured are blood gas, hemoglobin, electrolytes, co-oximetry, and metabolites. The optional AutoQC module in the analyzer lets you perform automatic quality control measurements - while saving your valuable time and money. This series comes with innovative features such as fully automatic functions, integrated PC, monitor, thermal printer, bar-code reader and interfaces, and auto QC (optional).
The Roche/AVL Omni blood gas analyzer can offer automatic liquid calibration of all parameters, either in fixed or user-defined intervals. The operating range is set to 27-40 analysis/hour (based on the model you choose). Bar-code scanner, MSS conditioning system, paper take up reel, and external keyboard are the optional components provided with the AVL Omni.