Beckman ACL 1000 coagulation analyzer

As a fully automated instrument, the ACL 1000 is an affordable solution for low volume workloads, or as a backup analyzer.

More details

The ACL 1000 Coagulation Analyzer from Beckman Coulter is a fully automated instrument which offers a reasonable solution for low volume workloads or backup analyzer. The test menu of this model services a variety of clotting assays including LAC, Factors, and APCR-V. ACL 1000 units boast its bar code-reading capability that eliminates the need for manual input, improving laboratory efficiency. 

Features at a Glance
  • Fully automated system
  • Clotting assays include LAC, Factors and APCR-V
  • Equipped with direct tube sampling from original collection vials
  • Bar code capability feature
  • Minimal maintenance requirement